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I need to use some sensitive websites (personal mails, banks, etc.) in Firefox in a public place.

How can I obscure the screen content so that people passing by wouldn't immediately know that I am on, say, Citibank site, or GMail?

I would prefer a solution for Firefox, but non-FF solutions are also welcome. For example, if I can obscure a particular windows on Windows 7 (say by turning it into negative image) I guess that would be cool too.


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You could always do simple things like turning off images in firefox (depending on how much that screws up your bank website's navigation) or turning off the stylesheet: View, Page Style --> No Style

You can use that same menu to shrink down the fontsize so perhaps only you can read it.

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they also have sticky sheets to put on displays for hippa compliance in the us. that way if they try to view from slanted angles, they see black – RobotHumans Dec 7 '10 at 10:54

For increased privacy, you might want to consider a privacy screen.

privacy screen

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