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I have Live Mesh beta installed on 64 bit Windows 7 but cannot connect to the computer remotely. The "Manage devices" page gives this information:

This device is synchronizing but cannot be remotely accessed. Check the Live Mesh notifier on the device to see if Live Mesh remote desktop enhancements need to be installed.

However, I cannot find instructions on how to use the "notifier" to "see" if Live Mesh remote desktop enhancements are installed or how I could install them.

When I originally installed (both times) Mesh I did tell it to install "remote desktop enhancements". Does this just not work with Windows 7 and/or 64 bit?

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It works fine of windows 64bit. I have it working on a number of machines, a mixture of 64 and 32bit.

Just checking that you installed Live mesh from here

Heres a link to instructions to check the notifier, particularly if you have renamed a device at alink textll.

If still have difficulties, say, and i'll investigate further. Jp

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I never got Live Mesh Beta working on some computers. But Live Mesh 2011 works.

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