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I have seen the posting for Replace bold text with in MS Word without macros.

How can I do the opposite? How can I open up a .txt file that has html tags in it like

here is <i>italic</i> text here and then I also have <b>bold text</b> over here

and convert ALL occurrences of <i>...</i> to italicized text and <b>...</b> to bold text?

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You'll need to make sure you have the full Search/Replace dialogue box open.

Tick the Use Wildcards checkbox.

Find what: \<b\>(*)\</b\>

Replace with: \1

Then click the Format button and select bold.

Then replace all.

You can then do a similar procedure for italics.

For an explanation of Word's wildcards, see this article.

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Thank you so much! did not know about that feature! – ferd berfel Dec 9 '10 at 20:53

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