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i tried using Meld as external diff in KdeSVN as meld -on - (settings>configure kdesvn>diff&merge) but Meld complains that the usage is wrong:

meld: error: no such option: -o

  meld                        Start with an empty window
  meld <file|dir>             Start a version control comparison
  meld <file> <file> [<file>] Start a 2- or 3-way file comparison
  meld <dir> <dir> [<dir>]    Start a 2- or 3-way directory comparison
  meld <file> <dir>           Start a comparison between file and dir/file

i have no idea what parameters that i should use, could someone give me the correct command?

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i tried meld %f %f but -as expected- it compares the selected file to itself. –  sterz Dec 9 '10 at 21:37

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The right solution for this problem is: meld %1 %2

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%1 and %2 don't appear to be valid operators as Meld simply tries to open those strings as files. Perhaps kdesvn has changed the parameter types? –  Paul Lammertsma Jan 27 at 11:58

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