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Ive just bought a new laptop with Windows 7. I'm trying to install Linux because I need Terminal

I've tried viewing Linux LiveCD (OpenSuse 11.2 and Xubuntu 9.04).

But when the LiveCD started, my laptop monitor keep blinking like an old television without channel. I not be able to see anything.

What is all of this? Is this related to monitor frequency? Can I just ignore this and install Linux withour looking at LiveCD?

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Try a regular ubuntu might need more driver support than opensuse or xubuntu are providing. If that's the case, then you can customize the drivers on your live/install media to work once you isolate it down to a driver problem.

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It's not related to frequency. It's likely to be a driver issue. Try choosing a VGA or other 'safe' mode form the bootloader.

If all you want Linux for is a decent command line environment you might be able to live with cygwin.

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