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Hi i recently installed opensuse 11.3 dual boot with windows 7. Now i plan to remove opensuse from my comp and also tried removing it only to realise windows does not boot as grub loader is no longer existent. Now is there anyway i can get windows to boot. Unfortunately i dont have windows 7 installation dvd so i can be using fixmbr or its variants... any help is appreciated

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You can boot from a Ubuntu LiveCD. It includes options to either restore the Master Boot Record from the backup or generate a new MBR

This site should walk you through it nicely.

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he's coming back from suse not ubuntu...i'm not sure if suse backs up the mbr...just a thought. generating a new one should work though –  hbdgaf Dec 8 '10 at 18:44

Your situation doesn't sound so good. Here are a few things I would try:

  1. try an older version of windows, it's fixmbr may work for Windows 7
  2. copy the boot sector off of a similarly configured system (that has the windows mbr), and write it to your current boot sector (using a livecd and dd, perhaps?)
  3. borrow a copy of a windows 7 install disk
  4. give your drive to someone else and ask them to unplug all of their drives and run fixmbr for you
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vista might work out okay, xp should not. either way, i linked to some recovery disks –  hbdgaf Dec 8 '10 at 18:40

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