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Create a basic html file that opens in IE

I am using a tool that has an embedded browser control that is failing to render HTML.

Is there some kind of file association or encoding default that could have been changed?

I am running Windows XP.

enter image description here

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What is telling the program that it should be rendered as HTML? Is there a file extension or setting somewhere? Perhaps you should just uninstall and reinstall the software? –  Ken Pespisa Aug 12 '09 at 20:56
I tried doing a clean install of the software, same issue –  joe Aug 12 '09 at 20:59
What is the name of the program? This may be a problem with the program you are using. Aditttionally, this question may be better suited for Doctype. –  David Pearce Aug 12 '09 at 21:13
XMetaL Author Enterprise it seems. –  hyperslug Aug 12 '09 at 21:17

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I have seen this kind of thing when javascript is disabled. Some sites that use AJAX require the javascript so it knows what to do with the text. I am not sure if this is your problem however. I would need more info.

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Javascript is not disabled in IE. And infact I get javascript vague errors when trying to close XMetaL after this issue occurs. –  joe Aug 12 '09 at 21:42
Ok, if that is not the problem, it is possible this issue might require an update to your javascript installation. Does the site require active-x to be enabled? Did it ever work? Did this just start happening all of the sudden or has this always been the behavior you see? –  Axxmasterr Aug 12 '09 at 23:14
It just started happening. It was working before. I think the file association for html might be messed up. But don't know how to fix it. –  joe Aug 13 '09 at 2:34

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