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What are some visual indicators of a quality power supply?
I'm currently outside of US, and all the brands are ones that I have never heard of... so no user reviews.

How can I tell that I am buying a quality supply vs buying a cheap power supply for high price?

Any suggestions?

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Outside the US, e.g. in the UK, people still buy the same makes.. of all the components. I know of no maker of british power supplies for computers. or british hard drives.. There is one company called Draytek a british make of routers.. but really most makes are american. You go to a computer store or ebay.. maybe you're looking in the wrong stores. Infact, most people buying power supplies probably buy them online, unless it's needed immediately. – barlop Dec 10 '10 at 3:00
I'm over in Asian, and unfortunately, there's a ton of them that don't have a big brandname. Or perhaps I don't recognize the brand in Chinese. – fseto Dec 10 '10 at 4:13
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Not visual.. but I look at the weight specs. Generally a good power supply has beefy components and weigh more. Certainly one that has plug-in cables is a sign of a better supply (versus just total cable trunk exiting PS)

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