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How can I access MS DOS from win XP?

I want to upgrade my BIOS. (Downgrade, in fact.)

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Windows XP doesn't include MS-DOS. You can run an emulated DOS in DOSBox, but programs running inside that box won't have access to the BIOS.

You can make a DOS boot floppy from Windows XP, but it might not be able to access your hard disk, so that's no good if your BIOS image doesn't fit on a floppy.

The standard tool for BIOS upgrades (or downgrades, it's the same thing anyway) is FreeDOS. This is a free DOS clone, with enough basic support for modern hardware to get going. See for example Creating FreeDOS USB boot stick for BIOS flashing.

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You can run DOSBox, which is an MS-DOS emulator. What are you trying to do?


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Downgrade bios to install hackintosh :) – Sam Dec 10 '10 at 6:13
I upgraded bios and now need to downgrade because of the dsdt incongruity – Sam Dec 10 '10 at 6:14
@Sam: You would not want DOSBox then. You can make a DOS boot floppy and do it from there. – paradroid Dec 10 '10 at 6:15

1.Open the "Start" menu from the taskbar. 2.Click "All Programs," then click the "Accessories". 3.Click "Command Prompt" to open the "Command Prompt" window. This is where MS-DOS commands can be entered and executed. 4.To access a list of commands, type "help" at the prompt and press "Enter." To learn how to use a specific command, type "help " and press enter.

Start -> Programs-> Accessories->command prompt


Start->Run->Type Command and Press Enter

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"Command Prompt" is a native Windows program, with (mostly) the same syntax. – grawity Dec 10 '10 at 19:01
what about Strt->Run cmd? – n611x007 Nov 23 '12 at 0:55
+1 the question has most likely nothing to do with real MS-DOS. The asker most likely confused it with the command line terminal. – n611x007 Nov 23 '12 at 0:56

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