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How do I found out what the minimum page margins for my printer is? (I do not have a manual).

I got a Canon MG5150

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  1. Step 1: Google.
  2. Step 2: Click on the official Canon website.

Apparently, the printer supports borderless printing, although some cropping might occur. Using default settings, the following applies:

Size Printable Area (width x height) Letter
8.00 x 10.69 inches / 203.2 x 271.4 mm Legal*
8.00 x 13.69 inches / 203.2 x 347.6 mm

Or, of course, you could just have printed a test page using the smallest possible margin :)

Lastly, you can simply download the manual was well.

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Why would I do all that when you found the answer for me? Seems crazy ;) I look at it this way: You got 35 points (at least by SO counting) for answering a simple question = you owe me, hehe. – jgauffin Dec 10 '10 at 14:17

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