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I'm using Windows Mail (which uses the windows contact store behind the scenes) to connect to the gmail imap server. I would like to have my gmail contacts available to me when using Mail.

How can I set up a two-way sync to automatically sync the Windows Contact store with Gmail Contacts?

Please note: there seems to be a lot of resources for how to sync to outlook, these solutions wouldn't work for me as I'm not using outlook.

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The Best Way to Keep Outlook Express Address Book Automatically Synchronized with Google Contacts:… – user64288 Jan 22 '11 at 21:12
Anyone know how to import to Google Contacts from Windows Contacts?… – Colonel Panic Apr 16 '15 at 13:27
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As far as I know if you don't have a Google Apps account, there is no active bidirectional sync. You could just set up an imap Gmail account in Windows Mail, but there's no (official) tool to sync the changes you make locally back to Gmail.

You refer to the Outlook post, but I think I they concluded something the same there.

I recommended using GcalDaemon there, but I think it only gives you access to your addressbook.

enter image description here

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Windows Mail and GMail both understand the concept of a CSV, so I would export my GMail contacts to a CSV then import the CSV in Windows Mail.

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sorry, I should have clarified, a one time import is not what I'm looking for. I updated the question to clarify that I'm looking for a two-way automatic sync so the two stores stay updated. – Joel Martinez Aug 13 '09 at 1:35
Good luck with that then. – EBGreen Aug 13 '09 at 2:42

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