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I have an 8 MB pdf file that definitely doesn't need to be that big. What free windows programs are there available that can reduce the size of pdf files?

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I do not know of actual programs for compressing .pdf files as .pdf however your best bet would simply be to try using alternative PDF creation utilities as I have seen file size change dramatically between them.

I have never done a 8MB PDF, however I did do a 2MB one and I noticed that by using Bullzip, Flashpaper and the official Adobe Acrobat created a diffrence of over 60% in some cases... Generally, Adobe came in best, Flashpaper second and Bullzip last. (thre are a load more tools available, but these are the ones I tested.

Some of these utilities also enable you to compress the resources and control the quality. Whilst Bullzip is free, you may want to try a demo of the others and see if they can help you.

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Wow - I used Bullzip pdf printer, and it reduced it to 569 kb –  Moe Aug 13 '09 at 0:58
Good to hear! Out of curiosity, what did you use originally to create the pdf file, or was it something you downloaded from someone else? –  William Hilsum Aug 13 '09 at 2:07
It was sent to me by a friend who created it with Comiclife –  Moe Aug 13 '09 at 3:27
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I use PrimoPDF (free) and choose "Ebook" as the "file size" "document type". (You can choose smaller (lower quality) file sizes or larger (higher quality) file sizes. The Ebook looks pretty good.

This reduces our 16 full color catalog (with a few small photos per page) to 2.4 MB and still looks fairly good.

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If I were you, as a simple solution I would try PdfCreator and print that pdf file as it is.

I'm sure it will make the size about half of the initial one.

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