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In chrome (chromium running on Ubuntu 10.04 specifically) is there a way to open all bookmarks in a bookmark folder, each in their own new window? I realize that I could just open them all in tabs, then drag each to its own window, but I'd rather not do that extra step for each window. Is this possible?


Note, this is different from "open all bookmarks in tabs of a new window" which is what "open tabs in a new window" does.

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Right click on one of the folders in your bookmark bar. You will notice 3 options:
Open all bookmarks
Open all bookmarks in new window
Open all bookmarks in incognito window

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-1 That opens all the bookmarks into a new window IE if there are 16 bookmarks in the folder, it will open a new window with 16 tabs. I want 16 new windows. –  David Oneill Dec 11 '10 at 0:33

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