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I have always wanted to have access to the system account in Windows 7 – on a test machine, not my regular use machine.

In Windows XP it is easy, there are how-to's all over the internet. How can I wield the power of the system account in Windows 7? It has to be possible, I just don't think people have actively/knowingly discovered how yet.

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Try psexec from Sysinternals as mentioned in this Stack Overflow answer:

[...] I came across this article which demonstrates the use of PSTools from SysInternals (which was acquired by Microsoft in July, 2006.) I launched the command line via the following and suddenly I was running under the Local Admin Account like magic:

psexec -i -s cmd.exe

PSTools worked great. It's a lightweight, well-documented set of tools which, in my opinion, provide an appropriate solution to my problem.

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Why is there the word "However"? pstools is I guess a set of tools that includes psexec , which is what you were talking about before you said "however" – barlop Jan 29 '12 at 1:31
It is just a word from the quote. - Edited – Andreas Feb 1 '12 at 10:43

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