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I am about to buy a Led Cinema Display 27, but I wonder if I can connect both the Mac mini and my MacBook Pro without the need of unplugging the Mac mini all the time. From what I see there is just one connection cable.

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I'd think you'd probably have to use a Mini DisplayPort KVM switch like this one.

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Clicking "Buy now" gets one a page that includes a link to the Questions & Answers, with many questions you might want to browse through. Like: is the cable long enough to get to a computer that is underneath your desk?

As for your question, there is an answer, but I do NOT know how authoritative it is:

Is it possible to have multiple inputs on this monitor? i.e.MacBook Pro connected via DisplayPort as well a laptop connected via a VGA to DisplayPort? With a way of switching between them etc

No. You can only hook up one Mac at the time.

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