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I've just setup a new Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server on linode for myself. Followed an excellent instruction at: here to finish the installation of some basic stuff including postfix.

I am trying to figure out a way to send an email to my gmail address with an attachment, but cannot find how. Already confirmed that email can reach my gmail account.

In the end I have to use mutt to send the email with attachments, probably SendEmails will also do well, but I am wondering how to do the same thing in postfix from command-line?

Many thanks in advance for this dumb question.

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Why does it have to be postfix directly? mailx -a, mutt, or mutt -a will also use the sendmail interface -- unless you configure them for SMTP.

echo "This is a test message" | mutt -s Test -a -- $USER
echo "This is a test message" | mail -s Test -a $USER

(Note, in bsd-mailx the option is -A instead.)

Anyway, here's a "postfix" example.

Replace $USER, content type and filename to match your environment. Example assumes you are sending the message to yourself and have a ZIP file in the current directory.

(printf "%s\n" \
    "Subject: test" \
    "To: $USER" \
    "Content-Type: application/zip" \
    "Content-Disposition: attachment;" \
    "Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64" \
 base64 | sendmail "$USER"

(Creation of MIME multipart messages left as an exercise to the reader.)

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mail -a does not attach to a message as with mutt. – n.r. Jun 10 '13 at 14:54
@nicolai.rostov: depends on mail, I guess. It does so in heirloom-mailx. – grawity Jul 21 '13 at 13:33

Postfix is a mail transfer agent (MTA). Its job is to handle the delivery of the mail: pick it up and send it to the next point on its route. Postfix is a postal worker, whose job is to take an envelope and (with help from its colleagues) carry it to the recipient.

What you're asking for here is secretarial work: assembling documents to put them in the envelope. That's not Postfix's job: it's a job for a mail user agent (MUA). You can write a crude MUA that just assembles pieces to make a mail in a few lines of shell, as grawity did, but Mutt is really a good tool for this task.

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From the command line, I like to use "sendemail", which on ubuntu / debian can be installed from the command line like so:

apt-get install sendemail

Then you can simply tell it to use localhost (Postfix) as the MTA.

Actually I just noticed that localhost:25 is the default:

-s SERVER[:PORT]          smtp mail relay, default is localhost:25

You then add attachments using the -a flag:

sendemail -f -t -m "This is the message" -u "This is the subject" -a
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mailx 12.4 has an option for attaching files:

-a file
    Attach the given file to the message.

For example:

[gawad@centos Desktop]$ mail -s "pine" -a pine.rpm.gz root@localhostEnter
this is the pine software you asked forEnter
[gawad@centos Desktop]$ 
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