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I recently tried a PCI sound card and wasn't satisfied with it. So, now I tried to switch back to my integrated HDA sound card. Everything else is fine, but I get no sound from optical out. The light is there and coxial is fine too, but no sound is played. I'd say I've forgotten something, but after three hours I still can't figure out what. The setup used to work before I tried the other card.

Checklist: - Receiver set to OPT1 - Receiver toslink jack works with my TV - Red light is there - BIOS is set to SPDIF - Sound card is set to "Digital Output(RCA+optical)"

Specs: Win7 x64 Realtek R2.55 drivers Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver

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Solved, faulty cable. Altho there was the red light, it wasn't intense enough.

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