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I have tried to save the match "/lastlog match" to a file /tmp/irssi_discussion. I can get it work like "/lastlog /tmp/irssi_discussion" that saves the whole buffer, noted in the documentation. However, it fails on its variant.

How can I get the command "/LASTLOG match -file /tmp/irssi_discussion" working in Irssi?

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You should put the pattern to match after the file, so:

/LASTLOG -file /tmp/irssi_discussion match

To get the full help information do:

/HELP lastlog

That includes the specific syntax details:

LASTLOG [-] [-file <filename>] [-window <ref#|name>] [-new | -away] [-<level>-<level...>] [-clear] [-count] [-case] [-regexp | -word] [-before[<#>]] [-after [<#>]] [-<# before+after>] [<pattern>] [<count>[<start>]]
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Thank you. I thought the "[-]"-sign meant a pattern, hence the confusion. – Masi Aug 13 '09 at 14:09
What does the [-]-sign actually mean? – Masi Aug 13 '09 at 14:10
-: don't print the "Lastlog:" and "End of Lastlog" messages. – mark Aug 13 '09 at 14:39

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