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I'd like to connect a MIDI keyboard to my PC. The keyboard doesn't have an USB interface and I'm looking some options.

There's a whole lot of MIDI-USB "cables" for like 5-10$, but from what I've googled, I can expect a whole lot of latency problems (at the very least), so I'll pass with those.

There seems to be another category of such MIDI-USB interfaces which are priced around 40-50$ and up. Can I expect that one of those will let me use the keyboard with no problems?

Or should I disregard the MIDI-USB interfaces in general and buy a new sound card instead, e.g. one with a real MIDI port?

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I think USB based MIDI should be viable, think of how many live performance setups involve notebooks such as Macs, PCs running ableton or other software. Choose from good brands such as Edirol, Roland, Yamaha, Zoom...

I'd agree 5-10$ is cheap and likely a false economy.

Best answers will be on a specialist forum such as: the discussion group for the online and print magazine Sound On Sound, a good authority on electronic music and studio technology from the smallest studio to major facilities alike.

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