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When I go to a page hosted on a machine on a local network, I get a "The page cannot be found" error with "ERR_DNS_FAIL" in the title.

Any ideas what this is or why I am getting it on my computer? I've tried in Firefox, IE and Chrome. Other computers on the network load the page just fine.

I'm pretty sure it is from the hostname. I am able to access the page if I browse to it using the IP of the machine. However, it has two hostnames and both are giving the ERR_DNS_FAIL error.

I tried restarting the browsers or rebooting the machine, but neither helped.


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This error could be generated by any proxy you're going through. Can you open up a command line and nslookup the hostname?

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I wasn't able to about 10 mins ago, but now out of the blue the issue resolved itself. I guess the IT guys took care of the proxy issue? Regardless. Thanks for the response – NickA Dec 13 '10 at 20:11

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