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Anyone know of a good (or any) Mac utility to take screenshots and immediately save them to a Flickr account?

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How about Skitch? Its feature list specifically mentions sharing to Flickr.

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Think I'll go with LittleSnapper.

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Ha. Didn't get to use this for a while, and LS was off. Got into this whole dilemma again, until the vague memory of this conversation became clear. Loading Little Snapper :) – Konzepz Dec 26 '10 at 21:29

Courier is a generic uploading utility to several services.

If you only need basic functionality, you can try creating an Automator workflow using Flickr upload automator action, and the basic "Get ... Finder Items" actions.

You can use Hazel with a rule on the Desktop to initiate the Automator workflow, so that any and all screenshots get uploaded automatically.

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iMacros for Firefox (and Chrome) can do this. It is like Automator, but for the web browser and cross-platform.

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Sounds intersting since it is cross-platform. Thanks! But therefore you need to configure it first, right? I haven't found a simple tutorial via Google. – Andreas May 6 '12 at 11:21

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