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I have been using ido-mode for months without issue. I just recently decided to try anything. It has many features similar to ido-mode. However, anything now seems to be picking a fight with ido-mode. I do a C-x-f and I see something that looks like the ido-mode stuff at the bottom but I also see some sort of anything buffer popup as well. Did anything goon my ido-mode file selector? If so, how do I tell and better yet, how do I turn it off?

Edit: The anything buffer is titled *anything-complete*. Turning off ido-mode doesn't give me a cool anything buffer when doing a C-x-f

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Yes! They are fighting each other. I found the following lines in anything-startup.el:

;;; anything-complete.el replaces various completion with anything
;;; (like Icicles). Use Anything power for normal completion.
(when (require 'anything-complete nil t)
  ;; Automatically collect symbols by 150 secs
  (anything-lisp-complete-symbol-set-timer 150)
  (define-key emacs-lisp-mode-map "\C-\M-i" 'anything-lisp-complete-symbol-partial-match)
  (define-key lisp-interaction-mode-map "\C-\M-i" 'anything-lisp-complete-symbol-partial-match)
  ;; Comment if you do not want to replace completion commands with `anything'.
  (anything-read-string-mode 1)

"Anything power" neuters ido-mode power. Toggling anything-read-string-mode helps, but it's an all or nothing switch. Now, the completion for M-x went away. I just want ido-mode for C-x-f and C-x b. Does anyone have a way to turn off anything-read-string-mode only for those two features?

For now, I just add the following line to my .emacs:

;Be sure Anything does not fight with ido-mode.
(anything-read-string-mode 0)
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