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I am new to vim; and I can't install the omnicomplete plugin.

What I've done so far:

  • Downloaded the zip file from vim.org, which contained 3 folders: autoload,after - which contain a ftplugin folder - and doc.
  • I have pasted the files directly in the vimfiles folder - which is supposed to have it working,
  • Even tried putting the files inside the corresponding folders in the vim73 folder.
  • Checked if the script was loaded using the command :scriptname in vim and it was not listed

What have I missed, done wrong? (Where's an automatic exe based installation when you need it?).

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Do you have the 'set omnifunc' line in your vimrc? The scripts in autoload are not loaded unless they are referenced, and I don't think your omni script is getting referenced if you haven't set your omnifunc.

See :h omnifunc and also take a look at this wiki page: wiki page on omnicompletion

Also, I believe any recent version of Vim has Omnicomplete files included in base distribution, so you probably didn't need to install new ones.

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yea, looks like i had it already, i was expecting an autocomplete by default like intellisense i.e myclass."autocomplete activates here". didnt happen; doing more research –  Arthur Dec 13 '10 at 22:21

Vim 7.3 comes with omnicomplete by default but you need to hit a key combo to get the completions list. There are a bunch of autocompletion scripts on vim.org, my favorite is AutoComplPop.

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