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I'd like to listen to online radio which runs on a port that is being blocked on our company's FW. (The radio changes its URL:port from time to time and I don't want to ask our admin to open another port each time this happens.)

I have my own server running outside that FW which I could use for this. If I could use Apache for such "stream forwarding" it would be great as it's running on that server already. I was thinking proxy or reverse proxy might be the answer, but I'm not sure they actually do what I need. Or is this some kind of tunneling?

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a discussion of using vlc to forward rtp streams is here:

not sure you can do it with apache, but i doubt it.

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better than nothing, thanks :) – Jaroslav Záruba Dec 16 '10 at 8:22

So, using the reverse proxy on Apache kinda works (this helped me a lot) but there are periodical short drop-outs in the audio stream, which is probably due the fact that this functionality is not supposed for streaming data. Setting ProxyReceiveBufferSize or ProxyIOBufferSize does not help.

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