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When I'm in a meeting, I often want to email something to everyone on the call. Through Outlook, if I open up the meeting in my calendar and select File -> New -> Mail Message it opens up an untitled mail message and the To... and Subject: fields are blank. Is there an easy way to open up a new message to everyone invited to the meeting (everyone listed in the Scheduling tab)? The list of invitees can get pretty long.

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Find the event in your calendar. Right click on the calendar entry and there should be a 'Reply All' option. It's greyed out in my screen capture because I don't have anyone else invited to the appointment, but it illustrates the answer...

alt text

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Awesome, that works even better. – Bill the Lizard Dec 14 '10 at 15:10

I found it under the Actions menu of the appointment, Reply to All with Message.

Outlook Actions menu

You may have to expand the Actions menu as I did in order to see this option.

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