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I am not able to write anything to my SD memory card, using Windows 7.

How can I remove the write protection?

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First, make sure you follow @oKtosiTe's suggestion, and then try the following... I once had this issue...It turns out, I had enabled "ReadyBoost" on the drive, and it prevents one from writing anything to the space being used by ReadyBoost, even if the feature is turned off... To disable, click Computer -> Right-click the SD card and select Properties -> Go to the ReadyBoost tab -> and make sure that Do not use this device. is slected and that the space to reserve for system speed is at zero (0). ![alt – studiohack Dec 15 '10 at 1:26
I assume you tried flipping the little switch on the side of the card itself? – oKtosiTe Dec 15 '10 at 1:26
I’ve read that some card-readers are a little wonky and that setting the switch to the allow-write position won’t work, but setting it to the middle does. – Synetech Mar 16 '14 at 0:27

Based in the detail of the OP. you should do this:

enter image description here

  1. Put your SD in same position as Image shows
  2. in the left border is a slide button.
  3. Slide it UP.

There is the Write protection Disabled.

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Some programs will indicate 'write protected' but that may not always be what's really happening

It can be a hardware problem after all!

So if you are seeing problems and all other tips have exhausted, try another PC or laptop!

Worked for me: controller failures turned up in the windows event viewer (System category). Even with a hex editor separate blocks were writing okay, but writing large chunks would fail at random positions on the card.

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