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Change Windows 7 file permissions from command prompt

How can I change file permissions in Windows 7 using a command?

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You can use the takeown command.

Have a look at the following articles:


Seven Forums

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Windows comes with a special command line utility called CACLS.

You can use it as follows:



* /p : Set new permission
* /e : Edit permission and kept old permission as it is i.e. edit ACL instead of replacing it.
* {USERNAME} : Name of user
* {PERMISSION} : Permission can be:
      o R - Read
      o W - Write
      o C - Change (write)
      o F - Full control

For example grant Betty Full (F) control with following command (type at Windows command prompt):

C:> CACLS files /e /p betty:f

Read complete help by typing following command:

C:> cacls /?
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