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How to setup the environment for remote pair programming session on Ubuntu (10.10) securely over the internet?

I think that, for our workflow, we need to share the screen, sharing terminal session or text editor alone would not be ehough. Note that I mean equal rights sharing, where both clients have full access to the keyboard and mouse.

Along with the shared screen we need to have a voice (and, maybe, text) chat working. Skype is OK.

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try teamviewer, works great through firewalls, no special setup required, free for noncommercial use, has working packages for windows, mac and linux (ubuntu).

in addition to see and takeover the remote session, you can additionally chat via text, voice or video. you can exchange files or create a vpn, all from within that application.

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Thanks for a good advice! Tried TeamViewer today. Excellent experience, almost as if we were at the same keyboard (but that must be because I know my partner well). Sound quality was horrible though, so we had to use Skype for voice chat. –  Alexander Gladysh Dec 16 '10 at 19:01
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VNC has an option where instead of a client (viewer) connecting to a server, you can put the client in listen mode and have the server initiate a connection. This way you share your connection rather than have someone connect to you.

I'm not sure all VNC versions do this but I know it was possible on Windows and I don't think it was specific to the Windows VNC client I was using.

If all else fails try x11vnc.

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