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Frankly, I can't run Outlook. I have to keep my computer lean since I run my developer tools in a VM and the 20+ threads it spins up by default is just killer. This means I only read my work emails on my phone and when I have to do a longer reply or copy a link I have to go to the crappy Microsoft Online Services exchange site.

This is a hassle.

I don't need calendar, I don't need tasks, I just need simple read and send access to my outlook email that works better than the exchange website. I don't even need notifications since I got it on my phone.

Does anyone have a simple, free, lightweight alternative to using the outlook mail client/exchange website? Heck, I'd settle for a powershell script.

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No personal experience, but Sylpheed looks good...

Claws Mail. Another lightweight email client.

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I use TrulyMail which works great.

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