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I have a lot of images of the same size (2272x1920), each depicting a layer in a model. The interesting part of the images is a rectangular area that is of the same size and at the same position in all of the images, so I zoom in on the interesting part. However when I go to the next image the image is again zoomed out to normal. I want to view the images in series with the image fixed at the given zoom level and position.

How can i achive this?

I've tried the standard image viewer built into Windows 7, and also IrfanView. Solutions to these two programs are very welcome as these are the ones I use regularly, but also solutions for other programs are welcome.

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This can be achieved in IrfanView:

  1. Open the first image.
  2. Zoom to the desired level and position.
  3. On the IrfanView menu bar, select View->Lock Zoom (Shift+L) and View->Keep Scroll position
  4. Browse other images.
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belated thank you, I wanted a similar ability and am now using irfanview. Though I now need to figure out how to configure it so it scrolls down faster when I use the mouse wheel, but now that I know the program sure I can google that :) – dsollen Jul 12 '14 at 2:04
Zoom to the desired level and position. Well how can I do that?? Eg how to zoom to 200% 300% etc? All I get are level that make the pixels show a moiree.. belated tia – TaW Mar 15 '15 at 17:26

Adobe Lightroom supports the behaviour you are asking for but it's not free.

Another option would be to make temporary copies cropped to the area of interest, if you have the disk space are comfortable working in the Command Prompt. ImageMagick (free) could do this for you:

for %i in (src\*.jpg) do convert "%i" -crop 800x600+200+200 -resize "200%" "dest\%~ni.png"

The above example would take each JPG image in the src folder, grab an 800x600 section 200 pixels from the top left, magnify it by 200% and save it as a PNG in the dest folder.

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