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I've followed all of these directions (twice now) for my x86 32-bit machine:

but I'm getting this error message after the last step:

[root@Moonface desktop-integration]# rpm -ivh *.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
    openoffice.org3.2-suse-menus conflicts with openoffice.org3.2-freedesktop-menus-3.2-9502.noarch
    openoffice.org3.2-redhat-menus conflicts with openoffice.org3.2-freedesktop-menus-3.2-9502.noarch
    openoffice.org3.2-mandriva-menus conflicts with openoffice.org3.2-freedesktop-menus-3.2-9502.noarch
    mandrake-release is needed by openoffice.org3.2-mandriva-menus-3.2-9502.noarch
    /etc/SuSE-release is needed by openoffice.org3.2-suse-menus-3.2-9502.noarch

How do I resolve this??

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Two suggestions:

If you don't mind having 3.2.0, just run

sudo yum search openoffice
sudo yum install{writer,calc,impress}

Otherwise, if you don't already have any version of OpenOffice installed try this:

rm *suse-menus*
rm *mandriva-menus*
rm *freedesktop-menus*
rm *mandrake*
sudo rpm -ivh *.rpm
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should I remove these openOffice files first with "yum remove*"? – Ramy Dec 17 '10 at 1:38
Did you already install OpenOffice using Yum (or was it installed by default)? What does rpm -qa "*" say? – Mikel Dec 17 '10 at 1:39
i haven't installed it, but I downloaded the rpms (first step in the link i posted). The command you asked me to run returns nothing (back to prompt). – Ramy Dec 17 '10 at 1:41
What about ls *freedesktop*? I am assuming you are still in the download directory where you ran the rpm -ivh command the first time. – Mikel Dec 17 '10 at 1:42
well, i ran the first "rpm..." command in this directory: "OOO320_m18_native_packed-1_en-US.9502"; I get this: ls: cannot access 'freedesktop': No such file or directory; but if I cd to RPMS/desktop-integration, I get this: "openoffice.org3.2-freedesktop-menus-3.2-9502.noarch.rpm – Ramy Dec 17 '10 at 1:47

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