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I am trying to do things like:

  • set up my configuration for vi
  • set up my prompt display string


At the moment, I am having to do that everytime I log on, is there a way to 'automate' this, so I don't have to do it manually each time?

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autoexec.bat is kind of a launch-mechanism instead of a configure-my-tools-again-and-again-mechanism. you would not setup your notepad-config via autoexec.bat either, so your the right config files for the tools:

  • vi / vim uses .vimrc (and .gvimrc) for its settings
  • the prompt for your shell (bash, zsh etc) is configured by:

    • .bashrc or .bash_profile for bash
    • .zshrc for zsh
    • .tcshrc for tcsh etc.

provide use with more information about what you are using and we could help more.

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