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I used unetbootin to make a bootable USB key (a BT4 persistant live cd)

But it wors only on a few machines. (only 1 out of 6 i tried) Most of the time boot sequence get stuck on a blinking prompt cursor.


Attempting Boot From Floppy Drive (A:)

Attempting Boot From USB Device

_ <-- stuck...

Then boot on HDD

Is it do to the usb key or machines that do not load mbr the same way??

thank you!

Edit: the stick is formated with MBR have 2 partitions. The first is FAT32 and active, second is ext3

PCs i have tested can boot on USB (at leat you can select a USB device for Boot)

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These two articles will get you up and running on all computer models.

First, if the BIOS supports boot from USB:
How to Set BIOS to Boot From USB

Next, if the BIOS doesn't support it, the solution is to use a boot CD that can boot into USB:
Boot From a USB Drive Even if your BIOS Won’t Let You

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