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Im trying to setup a one of my machines with preferably ubuntu/fedora since I will be running some services on it.

So it would have to do:

  • DHCP
  • Port forwarding
  • Firewalling

Am I missing services?

And can anyone suggest packages that can handle this task?

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I answered a similar question several months ago over on SF: linux router setup.

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well, for dhcp - you need to install dhcpd (dhcp3-server).

iptables are basically a given in most linux distros (port forwarding and firewalling).

For details

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+1 For iptables and dhcpd, they're all you need for a basic firewall/router. iptables can be configured for port forwarding as well as firewalling and routing and there are even some script generators on the internet to set up iptables for you.… – Mokubai Dec 17 '10 at 16:47
How about for wireless? just HostAP? – madmaze Dec 17 '10 at 17:01

I would recommend using ShoreWall to abstract IPTables and ease the process. This guide may be of help.

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