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Is there a program to export the azimuthal coordinates of a cellestial object (HIP54255) (that is, where do I see the object in the earth's sky, at a specific location?) between a range of dates, for a specific location, each minute or so ?

That is:


  • Galactic or equatorial coordinates of the cellestial object,
  • Location (latitude, longitude) on where I want to see the object
  • Range of dates


  • File containing the coordinates by minute (or so), between the range of dates
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Not precisely what you're asking for, but a Wolfram Alpha query might be useful. – Dennis Williamson Dec 18 '10 at 3:02
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I think Astronomical Almanac ( on that page, astronomical-almanac Install astronomical-almanac in Ubuntu and others) can do these calculations. I don't know if you can get your desired input and output formats without serious pre- and post-processing.

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