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I have a Lenovo T400 laptop, with Windows XP. I have a docking station connected via DVI to my Samnsung monitor. I'm connected at 1920x1200 resolution and I keep seeing all these green dots (when colors are supposed to be near black). It's really bad. I have tried running on my Samsung monitor, at all sizes, even down town 1280x1024 like my monitors at work.

When I use the docking station at work, I am able to connect 2 1280x1024 NEC monitors (one via DVI, one through VGA, both through my docking station). I have absolutely no issue there, both displays work great.

I have tried to update the drivers, I've even installed the latest video drivers from lenovo's site (DEC-02-2010).

Is anyone familiar with this issue?

Details: Docking Station: Lenovo Advanced Mini Dock- 250410U - NIB
Montior at home: Samsung T240 24-inch monitor Monitors at work: NEC monitors

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It's possible that it might be your Samsung T240 that has the problem- not your docking station. If your Samsung screen shows green artifacts when connected to other computers, the screen probably has dead pixels. Get a new screen if this is the case (or maybe, get the screen RMA'd).

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I have it on a 4way KVM switch, it works on the other 4. Turns out was a bad cable on the KVM switch – Roy Rico Jan 20 '11 at 19:08
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Turns out was a bad cable on the KVM switch. I just replaced it and it worked.

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