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Is there a way I can selectively make some optional Windows updates permanent? In particular I'm looking to make the definition updates for Microsoft Security Essentials permanent.

I'm using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

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This article could help : Microsoft Security Essentials Automatic Virus Signature Updates.

The article describes how one can use the build-in Windows Task Scheduler to check for Microsoft Security Essentials Signature Updates on daily, weekly, or monthly basis, without requiring the scheduling of a scan.


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Happy this worked. FYI it is not enough to accept - the bounty has to be manually awarded. – harrymc Dec 28 '10 at 8:04
Here is a link to a way to change the frequency of MSE updates. The default is every 24 hours.… – RSMoser Jan 14 '11 at 19:03

If you have it check for updates prior to scanning, and scan at least once a day, that's a sort of automation. Otherwise I think you would have to run a script of some sort to scan the names of available optional updates and install anything with Security Essentials in the name. Microsoft doesn't make a method available to do that.

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No you can not set the MSE updtaes as required or permanent. Setting the MSE updates as required or important could make it seem that MSE is a required installation for Windows. This would then lead to some legal issues. See this article from Computer World

If you set up a scheduled scan, MSE will download the updates before it starts the scan.

To set a scheduled scan open up MSE and click on the settings tab. Check the box "Run a scheduled scan" and set the day, time, and type of scan. Then make sure the box for "Check for the latest virus & spyware definitions before running a scheduled scan" is checked.

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