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I used the search feature in windows 7 and selected a folder from the results. Now if I want to move up the folder hierarchy I can't just use ALT+UP because to folder path is listed as:


And I go back to the search results.

What's the best way to accomplish this task?


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Select the item which folder you want to view, right click the item and select "Open Folder Location". You can then move up the directory tree as needed.

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If you want to open a new window with "full path" instead of Search Results\"Path", but still have the search window remain intact, DO THIS:

After search results in Win 7, Right click on file and get option Open file location, then press Shift and then click on Open file location and a new window will open with the file highlighted and the search results window will also remain intact.

OR do the same but press control (ctrl) and click "Open" or "Open file Location", in the right-click menu, from the file!

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