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Possible Duplicate:
Installing two RAM sticks causes problems; using only one of them doesn't?

Motherboard: P7N SLI Platinum Memory sticks: 2x DDR2 PC2 6400

It works fine with one stick in, but if I but both in I get a BSOD after a random amount of time.

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Your motherboard I would say is defective. Try and run Memtest86 with both sticks in and see if you get any errors, then run it with just a single stick. If you have access to another stick of RAM (maybe a friend?), try running it with the first and the loaner stick. It may be that your second stick of ram is defective and not your motherboard.

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What's the USB got to do with the DDR2 memory sticks? – ChrisF Dec 18 '10 at 18:15
wow, completely missed that part... I will pull my answer... – brandon927 Dec 18 '10 at 18:17

It could be a motherboard problem or a RAM problem. It could also be a bug with the BIOS firmware.

In addition to trying out brandon927's suggestions, you could also try flashing a newer version of the BIOS firmware if there is one available. Here's a list of BIOS updates available for P7N SLI Platinum.

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