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I connected a LG Flatron W1934S LCD using VGA Cable to a PC which had Win 7 already installed. Now my problem is that Win 7 fails to detect the native resolution of the monitor which is 1440 x 900 at 75 Hz.

The monitor is detected as generic non-PnP monitor. I tried reinstalling graphics drivers (Intel Express G33 / G31) with the monitor connected. No use.

I also tried uninstalling current monitor drivers and rebooted the machine in the hope that the monitor will be detected. No Use.

I couldn’t find a driver on LG’s website (horrible usability). Can anyone guide me how can I get the OS to detect the native resolution of the monitor?

Thanks & Regards, Pritam.

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Right click on your desktop and choose Screen Resolution.

You can manually change it there.

Sometimes auto detection just doesn't work - it isn't a problem and manually changing does not damage or affect usage in any way.

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I have found that some VGA cables don't allow for automatic detection of the monitor. You might try a different cable or try plugging it into a different computer with that same cable and see if it is recognized.

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