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Mozilla Firefox 4 "Feedback" provides a simple and convenient (no need to register in Mozilla bug tracker, for example) way to report Firefox 4 bugs. But it annoys me by placing a huge irremovable "feedback" button right in main toolbar, so I've disabled it. Is there an alternative way (a simple web form for example) to submit feedback with the same ease?

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Yes you can.

You can post a message (email) to all the list members of feedback, but an app is needed to open the link/ Gmail, Windows Live or Yahoo! Mail. It's okay if you use one of them. I have Windows Live on my desktop. I clicked on link, then selected Windows Live, then ok. It opens with the address in place ready to mail.

Feedback details

The link on page is feedback - The mail list - they all need the app to open.

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@Ivan, sorry if you saw 'no you can not before' i clicked on my win live and nothing happened, so i figured you had to add an app to firefox,passed by later and re-checked and it sorry if wasted your time – mic84 Dec 20 '10 at 14:43

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