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nenter moves the cursor to n lines down from the current position.

is there any shortcut to move n lines up?

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you might want to try the vimtutor tutorial to for an introduction to some basic elements of all the magic vim has to offer. To find out how to start it, you can type :help vimtutor <Enter> in vim's Normal mode or follow this link: – accolade Jan 16 '12 at 7:19



(You can also use <n>j to move down, <n>h to move left and <n>l to move right)

Also: Read :help motion.

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If you use the arrow keys, preceding them with a count also works. – Heptite Dec 20 '10 at 19:00
Al's right. It took me a few years to get serious about using h/j/k/l instead of the arrow keys, but I'm so glad I did. The real secret is to use things like 'w', 'b', ')', etc. to move around even faster. – labyrinth Jan 6 '11 at 21:59

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