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I have a few computers connected to the same wireless router. What is the best/easiest way to share data among them. I am sick and tired of using AIM to copy data from one computer to another.

They are all Windows.

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From "Start", open "Run".

Type this:


The computer name should be the name of the computer you are trying to access. The name can be found by right-clicking My Computer, selecting Properties, and selecting Computer Name.

The second part of the path is the drive letter you want to access and a Dollar Sign ($). The dollar sign specifies that you want to use the hidden admin share for that drive (drive C, D, E, etc...).

As an alternative to using Run, you can also Map the drive by right-clicking My Computer and selecting Map Network Drive. You can then select any unused drive letter, type the same path, from above, into the Folder field, and then select Finish.

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I'd advise strongly against the use of the administrative shares unless necessary. They are called "administrative" for a reason. For normal file transfers between two computers they shouldn't be necessary or used. –  Joey Aug 13 '09 at 18:22

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