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I've just gained full root access through SSH to my readyNAS which runs Debian and I am looking into ways of making network shares available directly on the readyNAS.

I guess my syntax is completely wrong, so how should I really map up the following drive to access it in my SSH terminal?

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Correct me if im wrong, but your trying to access a network share in debian?
or are you trying to make a network share accessible from other machines?

this is how to mount one in debian/ubuntu:
sudo smbmount //HOSTNAME/FOLER /mount/point -o user="username%password",uid=1000,mask=000

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btw that command is one line – madmaze Dec 20 '10 at 16:08
FYI, the preferred filesystem type is cifs, as in mount -t cifs //hostname/share /mount/point, and smbmount / smbfs are obsolete. – grawity Dec 20 '10 at 19:19

smbmount no longer available, so you should install cifs-utils

mount -t cifs //HOSTNAME/FOLDER /mount/point -o rw -o user="username"

it will ask password

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