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I keep spending too much time looking at my RSS feeds and only want it to update once a day. Is it possible to put this setting in place?

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  • Click on File - Options - Advanced
  • Scroll down to the "Send and receive" section and click on Send/Receive button
  • Select All Accounts and Click on Edit
  • Select RSS under accounts and uncheck box "Include RSS Feeds in this Send/Receive group" and click ok
  • Click New and type a Group Name and click OK
  • Select RSS under accounts and check box "Include RSS Feeds in this Send/Receive group" and click ok
  • Select newly created group and right below check box "Schedule an automatic send/receive every" and input minutes. If you want every 24 hours its 1440 minutes.
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Thank you for your thorough and excellent response. – Kirk Ouimet Dec 21 '10 at 22:41

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