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I have a UIF file and would like to convert it to an ISO file. What is the best way to do this on Windows.

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Do a google for uif2iso - that's the one I used under Windows last time I found a CD image in this format. You can find it here.

I wish people would just stick to the one format - I tire of converting NRG/ISO/UIF/CUE files.

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I use this uif to iso converter - AnyToISO, it also converts many others formats to ISO. Also works on Mac.

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I was looking for a way to convert uif to iso in windows, and downloaded AnytoIso as per Niegel suggestion. I was disappointed because it is a freeware program, and wants you to pay $23 dollars. Boo.

I googled uif2iso and found another tutorial that shows how to convert a uif to iso format in windows and linux for free. For anyone else that is looking for a truly free program that gets the job done, check it out, worked for me.

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Try UIF2ISO: I'm trying it right now on a 2.6GB .uif. Seems to be working.

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Well if you are downloading an ISO/UIF that means you probably have some sharing programs and probably a few utilites that generally go with that.

Step 1. Mount the UIF file on a Virtual Drive in MagicDisc

Step 2. Open MagicISO and select Make ISO from CD/DVD Rom

Step 3. Select MagicISO Virtual DVD-ROM from first drop down.

Step 4. Type in the name you want in the Blank.

Step 5. Select Output format. Standard ISO image file (.iso) from second drop-down.

Step 6. Press ok and Wait.

Your new ISO will be on your desktop by default.

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Why resurrect this question with this answer? This isn't useful and assumes things it doesn't need to. – Alastair Pitts Dec 9 '10 at 22:00

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