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I just downloaded the w3c-markup-validator package from the universe repositories, but I can't seem to figure out how to run it. How can I list the new commands available?

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I don't have privs to retag yet, but can you add Aptitude please? – richo Dec 21 '10 at 2:58

dpkg -L w3c-markup-validator lists all the files in the package. You want the executables in the path, so

dpkg -L w3c-markup-validator | grep /bin/

will provide a good approximation. If you want to be really precise, here's a regexp that will retain only files in the directories in your $PATH.

dpkg -L bash | grep -E "^${PATH//:/\/|^}\$"
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dpkg -L w3c-markup-validator

More generically, dpkg -L [packagename]

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If you want to find out beforehand you can search at as well.

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If you use synaptic, then you can right click on the package, click properties and see installed files. Any files installed under /usr/bin or similar locations would be commands.

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