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I am a Windows 7 user that spends 80% of my time in gvim, with caps remapped to escape.

Just recently I have started hitting Ctrl-escape (well, Ctrl-Caps) by mistake, which pops up the start menu. This then requires and awkward escape > Alt-Tab > Alt-Shift-Tab combo to get back to gvim.

Is there a way to disable this shortcut?

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Seems like the answer to How can I disable selected Windows 7 shortcuts? might apply. Try following those instructions, but changing them to apply to Ctrl+Esc

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^Escape::return worked a treat, – dysmsyd Jan 14 '11 at 17:46

Alternatively, I recommend the program "hotkeynet" for similar situations. Lets you remap and assign logic/key combos to a single keypress etc.

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