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I would like to know how to send an e-mail in Outlook 2003 to a group of recipients in which each recipient will see only himself in "TO" field. You can see an example below;

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Simply putting all the recipients in the Bcc: field should do it, although that way they won't see their name in the To: field. More information on Bcc at the Microsoft Office website.

Alternatively, you could use a mail merge. Again, more information can be found at the Microsoft Office website.

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I know bcc method but when you use bcc, "To" field seems empty.I would like to get only one name in To field of each recipient. – NT. Dec 21 '10 at 16:20
@NT: See second paragraph; as far as I know, that is the easiest solution. – Zaz Dec 21 '10 at 19:33

You have to use Mail-merge plug in for which let you send a text to multiple recipient having their name and other filed customized to each on. You need to write the letter in WORD and use Mailmerg tab to send them at the same time by a single click. You can also use "MailMerge-toolkit" which let you have moer option in sending.

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