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I set up GTK Applications to interpret Ctrl-h as a backspace, Ctrl-u to delete the part of the line before the cursor and Ctrl-w to delete the previous word, by adding the following:

gtk-key-theme-name = "Emacs"

in the ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file.

Is there a way to do this for KDE Applications? (I am on KDE4, but an answer for KDE is welcome too.)

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Emacs does not adhere to the Common User Access standard, but KDE does, you will not find these specific shortcuts. There are workarounds.

You may redefine or supplement these predefined shortcuts in the Control Centre or System Settings:

Ctrl+Backspace      delete word backward
Ctrl+Delete         delete word forward
Ctrl+K              delete line

Using the Control Centre, you may set up a keyboard macro that plays back the following sequences on for instance the trigger Ctrl+u.

Shift+Home, Delete      select from the cursor to the beginning of the line, delete selected text
Shift+End, Delete       select from the cursor to the end of the line, delete selected text

The Backspace key's functionality, namely deleting one character backward, seems to be hard-coded into Qt. Again, you can use a macro to play back Backspace on the trigger Ctrl+h.

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Hey, that does work. In kde4, i used the "input actions" module, in system settings. Thanks a lot! – sudhang Dec 3 '09 at 15:20

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